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Artwork Requirements

• Art: We accept artwork created in most professional graphic applications on PC platforms. For multicolor embroidery, vector art created in applications like Freehand, Illustrator or CorelDraw is preferred. CorelDraw files should be exported as Adobe Illustrator format (highest version - .ai or .eps) with all text converted to curves. For Illustrator or Freehand files change all text to outlines so the fonts are not required. Page layout programs like Adobe Pagemaker or Adobe InDesign are also accepted. Include all placed image files and any fonts used. A hardcopy with the disk is required to ensure output match.

• Non-camera ready art files are: .jpg, .gif, .doc, .pct or .pic, .bmp, .mix, .pcx files or faxes. These types of files will have to be recreated in a professional graphic application and will incur additional art charges.

• Fonts: When sending electronic art, we require that all text be converted to curves and outlines if possible. If a PageMaker or InDesign file, provide all fonts used with file.

• File Formats: PC or Mac

How to Send Art

Upload art (preferred): Use the Upload Art feature of this website. If you are currently working with a customer service rep, please indicate so by placing their name in the comment box on the form.

FTP Service: When sending extremely large or large numbers of files, we have FTP service available. Please call for link and log in information.

Mail: If you would prefer to mail your art, we do accept PC or Mac formatted CD or DVD, Please use the following address if sending via Shipper (UPS, FedEx, Etc):

Pinpoint Monograms, Inc.
Attn: Art Department
1425 Linwood Blvd
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73106

Please use the following address if sending via United States Postal Service:

Pinpoint Monograms, Inc.
Attn: Art Department
PO Box 270426
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73137-0426

When art is mailed, please have company name and information clearly indicated. Also include a printed copy of your art. If you are currently working with a customer service representative please indicate so by having their name listed. Please allow 7 - 10 additional working days when using mail services.

Modifications, Cancellations, Files and Trademarks:

Orders modified after approval or cancelled will be charged for costs incurred to date.

All screen, digitizing and artwork charges are service charges and do not transfer title to the client.

Pinpoint Monograms assumes NO liability for Trademark or Copyright infringement. We assume that our customer has the proper authorization for the designs sent to us for digitizing and manufacturing. If a design is questioned as proprietary, it will be necessary for the customer to provide proof of their right to use the design so questioned.